Solving the puzzle word game and cryptogram puzzle is not just for entertainment but can also boost our brain ability. You can get daily answers of many popular word puzzle games. There are many Word Puzzle games, but I’ll discuss Cryptogram, Crossword, and Word Jumble.

cryptogram puzzle game and word puzze game


A cryptogram is a technique of encryption/decryption of text. Encryption is a process of converting readable information to unreadable (ciphertext) form so that unauthorized can’t read it.

Historically, cryptography/cryptograms were used to deliver secret information by the military or for empire officials to communicate more safely.

Cryptogram, a substitution cipher, is based on letter replacement; plain text will be encrypted into ciphertext. Solving cipher takes patience and persistence.

When it is used for puzzle games, a Cryptoqoute/cryptoquip includes clues to help you solve it by replacing them with each other.

Today, there are many latest variations of cryptograms available to enjoy. Some popular cryptogram puzzle games are CryptoqouteCryptoquipCelebrity Cipher, etc.


Unlike cryptograms which can use any message, Cryptoqoute contains a quote or famous saying of a famous person (celebrity). The encrypted text will be decrypted with the help of keys, in which one letter stands for another. for example, we have to solve “Iad Kwcyy Dahgk” where “Y” substitutes for “F” and “K” for “S.” Transposition ciphers, in which letters are transposed, are also common, for example, “How Stuff Works” might be encrypted as “Wkros Fstuf Who.”


Cryptoquip is the same as Cryptoqoute; only the difference is it gives you clues to help you solve the puzzle quickly.

Cryptoquip clue – L=S, here we have to replace all Ls with Ss.

Crossword Puzzles

Crossword is different than crypto cipher; it contains a grid of squares, some with numbers, and you have to fill in the right words with the help of clues given along the side of the page.

There is also another type called cryptic Crossword. In this type, clues are also puzzles rather than direct clues. You have to solve clues first, then the actual Crossword.

Word Jumbles

Jumble is a simple puzzle word game. It gives you random letters, and you have to arrange them into a proper word. It gives you great help in strengthing your spelling skill as well as your brain sharpens.

A word jumble puzzle gives you a random-looking arrangement of letters to re-arrange into a proper word. This kind of game tests and strengthens your spelling skills, which is why it sees so much use in schools when teaching children to read and write.