If you’re having difficulty solving jumble puzzle, don’t worry we have Jumble Answers For 12/28/2022 in this page. But before directly going to answer section let’s check some hints and try to solve it by yourself. we’ve got some hints to help you out! Look carefully at the letters and see if you can rearrange them to form a word. If you’re still struggling, you can see the answers below after the hints section. If you’re looking for the latest answers go to Jumble Answer Today and for previous puzzles got to Jumble Category.


  • RPUNS = Reject with disdain or contempt.
  • HERFS = Not previously known or used; new or different.
  • CURPES = Christmas Tree
  • BOLLAG = Worldwide

Even though rabbits aren’t insects, they can be – SPRRSHSPEGOA

SPRRSHSPEGOA = A plant-eating insect with long hind legs which are used for jumping and for producing a chirping sound, frequenting grassy places and low vegetation.

Unscrambled Words (Answers) For 12/28/2022

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