Solving scrumble or jumble word is easy as compared to cryptogram cipher. You can find Jumble Answers 11/20/2022 below and we are updating solutions regularly fof daily jumble on this page. Bookmark this page, so whenever you stuck in upcoming jumbles you can visit this page.

Word Jumble is a popular puzzle game in which you’ll be provided scramble words and you have to solve or unscramble these jumble words. If you want to be a Jumble solver, you have to unscramble the words by rearranging the letters.

Let’s see example

The first Jumble word is TRIPAE and we’ll solve it by rearranging the letters. Place P at the first I will be our second letter, R will be third, A fourth, T fifth and E as is, so our complete word answer will be PIRATE.

word jumble solution

And second and third words are CHUCRO and WASKQU, now after adding appropriate word in their boxes we’ll get the result of CHUCRO = CROUCH and second word WASKQU = SQUAWK

jumble solver

This solving strategy move till last word. I’m sure you know the basic idea on how you can solve this puzzle game easily. If you still feel hard let me know by post a comment at the end of this post. Now move to the complete answer.

Jumble Answers 11/20/2022

TRIPAE = PIRATE ( A Pirate is a person who is the commander of a stolen ship, attacks other ships, and robs them at sea.)

CHUCRO = CROUCH ( adopt a position where the knees are bent and the upper body is brought forward and down, typically in order to avoid detection or to defend oneself.) ( a crouching stance or posture.)

WASKQU = SQUAWK (loud and harsh noise made by a bird.)

GLIESH = SLEIGH (a sledge drawn by horses or reindeer, especially one used for passengers.)

RASBDU = ABSURD (wildly unreasonable, illogical, or inappropriate.)

TONTEP = POTENT (having great power, influence, or effect.)

After solving these you have to solve cartoon jumble answer.

jumble answer cartoon

The answer of the today cartoon jumble is ROUND-TRIP TICKETS


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