Puzzle Constructed by: Susy Christiansen & Doug Peterson

Edited by: Inam Khan

Today theme answers are NUTS and BOLTS:

  • Across 66A. Essentials, or what the first words of the answers to the starred clues are: NUTS AND BOLTS.
  • 18A-Gift basket retailer known for cheese and smoked sausage : HICKORY FARMS (hickory nut)
  • 27A-Oktoberfest venues : BEER GARDENS (beer nut)
  • 42A-Robin Williams drama set at a prep school : DEAD POETS SOCIETY (dead bolt)
  • 54A-Classic Ford model : THUNDERBIRD (thunderbolt)
Todays cryptoquip answer

CrossWord Clue’s with Answers November 22, 2022


Across HintsAnswers
1 Oktoberfest mugs: STEINS
7 Possessed: OWNED
12 Battleship letters: USS
15 Sit-up kin: CRUNCH
16 Letter-shaped violin opening: F-HOLE
17 “Picked” complaint: NIT
18 *Gift basket retailer known for cheese and smoked sausage: HICKORY FARMS (hickory nut)
20 __-la-la: TRA
21 Director Brooks: MEL
22 Soccer family rides: SUVS
23 More frigid: ICIER
25 Lyrical: ODIC
27 *Oktoberfest venues: BEER GARDENS (beer nut)
31 “What’s up, __?”: DOC
33 Unlike Bond’s martini: STIRRED
34 Wunderkind: PHENOM
37 Highchair fashion: BIB
38 Seehorn of “Better Call Saul”: RHEA
42 *Robin Williams drama set at a prep school: DEAD POETS SOCIETY (dead bolt)
46 Actress Hathaway: ANNE
47 Texter’s caveat: IMO
48 Edit: REVISE
49 Xylophone kin: MARIMBA
53 Went first: LED
54 *Classic Ford model: THUNDERBIRD (thunderbolt)
58 Window ledge: SILL
61 Low voice: BASSO
62 Hammer target: NAIL
64 Campground chain HQ’d in Billings, MT: KOA
65 Natural resource: ORE
66 Essentials, or what the first words of the answers to the starred clues are: NUTS AND BOLTS
71 Broadcaster with regular pledge drives: NPR
72 Deep-seated: INNER
73 Military gesture: SALUTE
74 Shaved head?: ESS
75 Skewered appetizer served with peanut sauce: SATAY
76 Seismic event: TREMOR


Down Clue’sAnswers
1 Hard-to-like person: SCHMO
2 Did one’s best: TRIED
3 Type of geometry: EUCLIDEAN
4 Ballpoint pen filler: INK
5 GIs with chevrons: NCOS
6 Landscaping bush: SHRUB
7 Compensate for: OFFSET
8 “Huh … ?”: WHA …?
9 Fin. Neighbor: NOR
10 Stately tree: ELM
11 Long for: DESIRE
12 Disentangle: UNTIE
13 Warning signal: SIREN
14 Plays the lead: STARS
19 First name in fashion: YVES
24 Outmoded data readers on PCs: CD DRIVES
26 Denounces: CONDEMNS
28 Corduroy ridges: RIBS
29 Pinot __: white wine grape: GRIS
30 Ann __, Michigan: ARBOR
32 Arresting figure?: COP
34 Couple’s indiscretion, for short: PDA
35 Female lobster: HEN
36 Rippled pattern: MOIRE
39 Judge on “America’s Got Talent”: HEIDI KLUM
40 Sci-fi aviators: ETS
41 Nautical “yes”: AYE
43 Mideast leader: EMIR
44 “Lara Croft: __ Raider”: TOMB
45 Animation collectible: CEL
50 Aphrodite’s love: ADONIS
51 Consisting of two parts: BINARY
52 Galway Bay island group: ARAN
54 Steakhouse order: T-BONE
55 Pluckable instruments: HARPS
56 Computer operators: USERS
57 Quaint “performed”: DIDST
59 State drawing: LOTTO
60 __ pointer: LASER
63 Letter-shaped brace: L-BAR
67 Spanish “a”: UNA
68 Blasting material: TNT
69 Aquaman’s realm: SEA
70 Fútbol fan’s cry: OLE!

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