If you’re having difficulty solving today’s jumble puzzle, we’ve got some hints to help you out! Look carefully at the letters and see if you can rearrange them to form a word. If you’re still struggling, you can see today’s jumble answers below after the hints section. If you’re looking for the answers to the previous puzzles, we’ve got those too!

Today’s Jumble Hints

FWTIS = Happening quickly or promptly.
NANULA = Occurring once every year.
SYAPBS = Go past or round.

Cartoon: Would the coin flip result in heads or tails? – TOTSWIAUAPSS

TOTSWIAUAPSS =Throw a coin into the air in order to make a decision between two alternatives, based on which side of the coin faces uppermost when it lands.

Today’s Jumble Answer: December 17, 2022

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